“We help your HEART to beat stronger”

Committed to provide the latest technology at health’s service, we have modern equipment such as Hemodynamics General Electric model “Innova” with intracoronary ultrasound, first in the Northwest and fourth nationally speaking, with digital flat detector technology, which revolutionized endovascular procedures in cardiology, offering the highest quality and precision specialist images, facilitating diagnosis and decision making. Besides the benefit of this new technology, we also have the coronary intravascular ultrasound system “Volcano”, unique diagnostic system for the actual measurement of the interior and the wall of the artery, achieving better patient outcomes.

Concerned about our community and knowing that the heart disease is very prevalent in our state, we have the first 64-Multislice Tomography detectors, being pioneers in the northwest of the Mexican Republic with the latest radiological innovation, whose main advantages are that the images have a higher quality and definition, and are performed in less time and allows to fully evaluate the patient at the minimum scanning time (about 15 seconds) optimizing the radiation dose and the amount of contrast.

With this technology, we perform studies Coronary Calcium Score which detect calcium deposits in the coronary arteries (atherosclerosis plaques). This has been a breakthrough in heart disease prevention studies.

The opening of our hospital with this scanner, Hermosillo is placed as one of the cities with the highest medical diagnostic technology and urged other hospitals acquire similar equipment.
Since its opening, Hospital San José de Hermosillo, offered for the first time this type of study NOT invasive cardiac imaging, standing at the forefront of cardiology studies in the state of Sonora.